Analyze video content using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

Toch helps online video creators, advertisers, media companies and startups to succeed in digital video across all platforms through its best in-class insights.


Hours streamed

After streaming millions of hours of videos, we now know what will work for your business.


Products tagged

From accessories, to merchandise, to locations; our smart technology tags everything. Literally!


Products Scanned

Amplify your reach and increase your views hooking your customers to the awesomeness accessing million of Products Inventory.

Product Suite

For Video startups:

  • Video Object Detection

    Detect emotions, objects, geographies, activities within your video content. Let your viewers drool over a sidebar of information that they don't know they will love.

  • Tagging Shoppable Products incl:

    Make your video content interactive and shoppable by adding the products most relevant to your industry and let users have a new experience in e-commerce.

  • Fashion Apparels, Accessories etc.

    From apparels, accessories, footwear, glasses, appliance and literally everything you that you think can sell through your content.

  • Small Video Clips

  • Monetize content

    Open new lines for revenue generation by facilitating identification of products for viewers within your video content. Enable sales through your content and share the revenue.

(300K hours content detected till date and adding more)
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(786K hours of content analyzed and tagged till date)
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  • Video Categorization:

    Categorize your videos in a more inclusive manner allowing users to discover content and videos easily. Increase the clicks categorically by giving it a new dimension.

  • Monetize of content:

    Move ahead of ads and exploit the new age monetization through contextual product placement facilitating product sales and earn for placements and sale commission

  • Ads Placement:

    Become a publisher with Toch and sign up with our ads model to achieve better relevancy with easy plans

  • Small Video Clips

  • Object detection:

    Give your users a host of categorical information for each content piece. Improve the experience and give your viewers something new and hook them to your platform.

For All Ecommerce Shopping Websites

  • Toch Eye ( live search using camera)

    See something you like? Open your camera, scan it and buy it. Give your customers a new feature to buy. Eliminate the need for customers to search and scroll.

  • Go Live ( for merchants to showcase live collections)

    Showcase your products in an all new way that help your customers search the products quickly and easily. Push e-commerce towards v-commerce and introduce customers to a new feature.

  • Shoppable Image Catalog

    Create an auto catalog of your product images out of the videos and the product library. Automate the process of creating a catalouge

( 0.75 million products got scanned till date)
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For Video Ads and tech startups

  • Analyzed Content and add Ads based on

  • Activity, objects, category etc.

  • Monetize dashboard

( 50+ companies using Toch to monetize their ads)
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