Toch streams thousands of videos allowing you to shop from all elements and products from in the video. Toch is the world's first interactive video platform that comes with widgets and mobile applications, empowering users to shop at the exact moment a product catches their eye. The technology tags actions, activities, people, and products allowing users to notice and interact more in videos. Proven to increase engagement up to nine times higher compared to a static link at the bottom of the video frame. These tags encourage viewers to explore additional content which otherwise goes unnoticed, and therefore creates an overall immersive experience.

About the media kit

This media kit is a definitive guide to all external agents to comply with brand guidelines and to gather information sought for events, articles and other related activities.

Design Guidelines

The TOCH logo is the brand identity behind the technology. Our customers recognize us with our logo and the color we represent. We strongly endeavour to personify the colors we illustrate. We stand for interaction, fun, and shopping. Glamour isn’t far behind too. It is critical to get our logo right, it’s pretty straight TOCH logo represents Toch and Toch only. Toch Feed has a different identity and they don't represent each other.


PRIMARY FONT: Azo Sans Regular Thin






The Pink color represents playfulness, charm, and energy. Ensure you check it with your designer and printer before it is placed digitally or reproduced in print. We are very religious about our color shade, and we would like you to follow that too.
Color Codes:
RGB- R81G80B81
CMYK- C65M58Y56K34
HEX- #515051

Logo Downloads

Non Colored:

All the variants of our logo have been put up here. Kindly do not shy away from this without our consent. You can reach out to us on for the same.
Always use the standardized TOCH logo provided — and don’t stylize, recolor, reinterpret, or animate the logo without contacting us first. After all, our charm is our simplicity!


We are always excited to work with colleges and other events that we believe will derive value of it. However, we run under a strict mandate and each proposal is viewed under a different microscope. Sometimes paid sponsorship is under the mandate, sometimes it’s in other form.
Feel free to get in touch with your proposal at

Audience Profile

Gender Distribution:
Male: 40.2% Female: 59.8%
Age Distribution:
18-24: 35%
25-34: 45%
35-44: 10%
45 above: 10%


These TOCH Logo Usage Guidelines are for those who wish to use TOCH trademarks or logos in any material, mediums or modes. To request use of the TOCH Logo(s) for your purpose, please write to Kindly note that any use of TOCH Logos without the prior written consent/authorisation of Vogueme Technologies Pvt Ltd. (“Vogue”) or any use outside of the usage as permitted is prohibited and will constitute infringement.

By using TOCH Logo(s), in whole or in part, you acknowledge and agree that you will:

a) Not interfere with any rights, title, or interest in the TOCH Logo(s), including registration of, or application to register the TOCH Logo(s), alone or in combination with other words, including but not limited to any marks comprising, imitating or confusingly/deceptively similar to the TOCH Logo(s), anywhere in the world;

b) not dilute, harm, misuse, or bring into disrepute any TOCH Logo(s).

c) use the TOCH Logo(s) solely as permitted by Novi and only in accordance with these TOCH Logo Usage Guidelines.

Vogueme reserves the right to revoke the permission for use of the TOCH Logo(s), at any time, including in the event where Vogueme is of the opinion that your use of the TOCH Logo(s) is beyond the scope of these TOCH Logo Usage Guidelines or is likely to infringe the rights of third parties. In such case, you must immediately cease all uses, distribution, or publication of the TOCH Logo(s).
The goodwill derived from using any part of any TOCH Logo(s) exclusively inures to the benefit of and belongs to Vogueme. Except for the limited right to use as expressly permitted upon prior written consent from Vogueme, no other rights of any kind are granted to you hereunder, by implication or otherwise. All rights are reserved by Vogueme, as the case may be. Vogueme reserves the right to add to, alter, revise the TOCH Logo Usage Guidelines at any time without prior notice.